Keeping Our Plumbing On Point

Keeping Our Plumbing On Point

How To Hide Your Septic Tank

by Alexa Kim

26 million homeowners in the United States use a septic tank to handle their sewage. They are ideal for rural parts of the country that do not have access to public sewers, since there would otherwise be no place for their water waste to go. Unfortunately, a septic tank can be quite the eyesore if you care about the look of your lawn. Here are some ways that you can hide the septic tank access port.

Completely Bury It

Your septic tank needs to have an access port, but it only needs to be used when the tank finally needs to have the waste pumped out of it. For a family of 2 with a 1000 gallon tank, this could only be once every 6 years. There is no need to have the access port exposed for something that is used so infrequently.

Consider completely burying the access port underground. As long as you know exactly where it is, there shouldn't be any issues finding it when the tank needs to be serviced. Keep in mind that a septic tank pumping company may charge you a digging fee if they need to uncover the access port for you.

Hide It With Plants

Another way to hide the access port is with plants. One thing you'll want to consider is that you use plants that don't have a root system that is wide-spreading. This will help avoid issues with the roots growing into your tank and causing problems. Grasses also act as a great camouflage, and require very little upkeep.

Cover It With A Rock Garden

While you can always buy the fake rock cover to hide the septic tank access port, it will look odd having a lone rock in the middle of your yard. Take it one step further by creating a rock garden. You can fill the area with decorative rocks, small figures or statues, and even some small plants. Planting herbs and succulents will not require much soil, which is perfect for the area above the septic tank. Feel free to experiment with adding elements like gravel or driftwood that will make the rock garden unique.

These are just a few ways that you can hide your home's septic tank. Next time you bring a septic tank pumping company out to your home for residential septic tank cleaning, ask them if they have any ideas. They most likely have seen plenty of septic tanks over the years and can give you some tips about creative ways to hide the access port.   


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