Keeping Our Plumbing On Point

Keeping Our Plumbing On Point

Septic Tank Upgrade: How Big Should Your New Tank Be?

by Alexa Kim

If you're replacing an old septic system with a new one, you should take the time to carefully consider what size tank you really need. Several factors determine what size you need. There really isn't a simple, clear-cut answer that works for everyone, so it takes a bit of research and planning to make the right decision. If you make the wrong decision, you could end up needing maintenance more often and there will be an increased likelihood that your system will fail. The following are a few guidelines that will help you determine what size tank you need.

Bedroom Calculation

The most simple calculation for septic tank size involves the size of the home and the number of bedrooms it has. Tanks range in size from 750 gallons to over 1,300 gallons. Smaller, 750 tanks are fine for small houses that only have one or two bedrooms. However, a tank measuring 1,250 gallons or more is recommended for four-bedroom houses. 

Wastewater Calculation

If you can estimate how many gallons of wastewater goes down the main septic line of your house every day, you can calculate tank size more precisely. If your family produces about 500 gallons of wastewater, a medium-sized tank of about 900 gallons will work. If you produce 900 gallons, you may need a 1,500 gallon tank or larger. Not sure how much water you use? Consult your water bill.

Per Person Calculation

The larger your family, the more waste you will produce regardless of how large your home is. For example, a 500-gallon septic tank attached to a small house with one person living in it only has to be pumped around every 6 years, maybe a little less. If three more people move in, however, the tank will need to be pumped every year. As you can see, the number of people can dramatically affect the efficiency and maintenance requirements of your septic system. 

Since the size of your home along with the number of people that live there and the amount of wastewater the whole family produces are huge deciding factors when it comes to choosing a tank size, you should consider all of them. Don't simply calculate your needs based on house size alone if you know that you like to take multiple showers or fill up the whirlpool tub regularly. And when you're not sure, err on the side of caution. Always choose a tank that's bigger than you think you need to avoid future problems. 

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