Keeping Our Plumbing On Point

Keeping Our Plumbing On Point

3 Tips To Help With Septic System Care Where Ecosystems Are A Concern

by Alexa Kim

Today, many areas that were once rural are spreading out and developments are growing in places that were once sensitive ecosystems that thrived away from civilization. The human encroachment into these areas has caused problems with ecosystems. To save ecosystems and do your part, you may want to have a modern septic system that reduces contamination of sensitive ecosystems. Here are some tips to help you with septic systems that are near ecosystems:

1. Lined Septic Drainage Fields To Keep Contaminants Contained

One of the major causes of eco system contamination is poor soil filtration and nutrient rich ground water supplies that cause excessive algae growth. To combat this problem, your septic system can have a lined drainage field installed. The lined drainage field helps to contain nutrients in the area of the system, and keep it out of the ground water supplies. This can also include a dry drainage area for the fluid to exit the system and not go into the environment.

2. Contained Aerobatic Septic Systems For Complete Treatment Of Waste

Another option that you may want to consider is a completely contained aerobatic septic system. This is a type of system that includes a series of tanks to help treat waste. It is completely enclosed and there is no waste that leaves the system. This can be used to prevent contamination of eco systems that are in close proximity of your home, such as on a lakefront home or in an area with poor soil quality. This is often a good solution in low areas with high water tables where the contaminants can affect eco systems.

3. Bio-Filtration Systems That Help Contain Nutrients To Keep Ecosystems Clean

Natural materials can also be used in many ways for your home's septic system. This can be done with solutions like a contained raised mound for the drainage field that is planted with native grasses and wildlife to filter waste. There are also designed wetlands that can be lined to contain nutrient rich affluent and keep it out of sensitive eco systems. Another option that you may want to consider is chambered drainage with bio-filtration mediums like peat moss, which can help to improve the filtration of the waste water.

These are some tips to help install a septic system that minimizes its impact on sensitive ecosystems. If you are ready to have a septic system installed, contact a septic installation service to help you with one of these solutions. 


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