Keeping Our Plumbing On Point

Keeping Our Plumbing On Point

Retrieve A Toy From Your Toilet To Prevent Plumbing And Septic Tank Issues

by Alexa Kim

You may have taught your toddler not to stick loose objects into a toilet, but this doesn't mean that your youngster will necessarily abide by the rules, especially if he/she is curious and tends to be spontaneous in making choices when your back is turned. Educate yourself about what do you do if you attempt to flush your toilet and experience water backing up and onto the floor, just to realize that your child's small toy is the culprit. 

Keep Calm And Carefully Investigate The Situation

Before assuming that your septic tank is going to become damaged and the lines leading into it are going to break, try to remain rational and realize that the toy is most likely stuck near the opening in the toilet and can be removed with a little bit of time and work.

Turn off the water supply that is responsible for filling up the toilet's tank after each flush. The handle associated with the supply will be located near the base of the toilet and will only require you turning the handle partially before the water will stop running. While the water is off, clean up the overflow that has spilled onto the bathroom floor.

Use Glove-Covered Hands Or A Plumbing Snake

Kneel down on the dry flooring and use a flashlight to peer into the toilet. If you see the edge of the toy, you are in luck and will be able to retrieve the item with a plumber's snake or your hands. If you do not see the toy, however, you may need to reach further into the toilet's opening to determine if the toy is wedged inside of the space.

If it comes down to needing to check further into the hole, cover your hands with waterproof gloves and attempt to use a plumber's snake to remove the toy. After several unsuccesful attempts, use one of your hands to reach into the hole to attempt to locate and release the toy.

Call A Plumber If Necessary

If the toy seems to have been lost within your bathroom's plumbing, a plumber should be contacted so that you receive professional assistance with the matter. A plumber can pinpoint where the toy is located and will use their plumbing tools and expertise to retrieve it.

A plumber will also go over septic pumping needs that may have been on your mind. Usually, a tank only needs to be pumped occasionally, but it will be reassuring to know how often you should have your plumbing and septic tank inspected.

After the plumbing fiasco has been resolved, it is time to sit down with your child, once again, so that you can discuss the seriousness involved with placing anything inside of the toilet that should not be there. It is also a good idea to revamp your bathroom routine.

Your child should always be monitored while in the bathroom, and you should keep the door closed during times that the restroom is not needed so that your child won't be interested in entering it without you by his/her side.


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