Keeping Our Plumbing On Point

Keeping Our Plumbing On Point

Things To Consider When Renting Toilets For An Event

by Alexa Kim

If you are organizing an event that will include a lot of people visiting, you need to consider providing them with restrooms. Chemical toilets are great options, but you need to find a company that can service them for you as well. 

Find a Rental Company

The first thing you need to do is find a company in your area that provides chemical toilets for events and can work with you for your event. If the event is big and you need a large number of chemical toilets, you need to talk to the rental company about how many they can supply. A small company may not have enough units for your event, and while you could rent from several companies, logistically it is easier to find one company that can service the entire event for you. 

The rental company should deliver the portable toilets for you and then pick them up after your event. Make sure you discuss the timing of pickup and delivery so that it happens in a timely manner.

Servicing the Toilets

Once you have selected the company to work with, make sure you discuss servicing the units while they are onsite. If your event spans several days, it is important that the toilets be cleaned daily to keep the odor down and to ensure they are clean when people need to use them. When the toilets are located outside and the weather is warm, they can quickly start to need some cleaning. You can have someone there to clean them and restock the products but the company that supplied them will need to come pump out the toilets for you. 

Accessible Toilets

Keep in mind that you may have someone visit your event that can not get in and out of the standard portable toilet. Many rental companies offer larger toilets with space inside for a wheelchair and have a ramp to access them. These toilets often need additional space for people to be able to get in and out with the wheelchair and potentially have someone help them as well. 

When placing these accessible toilets, try to find a flat area that will allow the unit to sit flat and offers the ability to approach and exit without any obstructions or inclines. Limiting access to the accessible toilets is hard to do so you may want to have several in place so that if someone is using one, there is another available for someone with a disability to use.  


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