Keeping Our Plumbing On Point

Keeping Our Plumbing On Point

Own A Septic Tank? Be Aware Of The Following Problems

by Alexa Kim

A septic tank is not a part of your home you want to ignore. It is actually quite different from using a city sewer system because it does require some attention and maintenance over the years. Here are some problems to be aware of if you own a septic tank.


The septic tank may be buried underneath your backyard, but it shouldn't be causing any odors to form either in or outside of your home. A common problem that people notice is an odor when walking around where the tank is buried. This is a sign that you have sewage that is somehow leaking out of the tank and going into the surrounding soil rather than the drain field. There could be a pipe that is damaged by tree roots, or a crack in the septic tank itself that is allowing waste to seep out of it. You'll need to contact a septic service contractor to inspect the tank and the pipes connected to it for damage.

Slow Drains

Be concerned if you ever notice that the drains in your home are moving very slowly. This is likely due to a problem with the plumbing that connects to your septic tank. If it's due to a pipe that is cracked as previously mentioned, you'll also experience an odor. However, a clog can cause the water to move slowly and have those slow moving drains as well.


Ever hear a weird gurgling sound when flushing the toilet, taking a shower, or using the sink? This is an indication that the tank is approaching its maximum capacity. There is a blockage somewhere in the pipe that leads to the septic tank, and the waste has nowhere to go. If you do not act quickly, all of the wastewater could end up backing up into your home and causing a big mess. Have a septic tank service company come and pump the tank so that the waste has somewhere to go.

Green Grass

Has the grass around your septic tank suddenly become a lot more green? This is another problem caused by a septic tank that is damaged and leaking sewage. It is essentially fertilizing the ground and causing all of the grass on top of the leak to start flourishing. While it may seem odd that green grass is a bad thing, it's actually an indication that the septic tank is in need of repair.


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